• Our Mission

    NZ Sport.Org's mission is to offer great priced products, amazing services and to help grow and develop communities.

    Move Kiwi
  • For Kiwis

    Our Online store offers amazing prices!
    Buying from us means you get Great Deals and you can also Feel Good because you are helping raise funds for local sports clubs.

    For Kiwi Sports Clubs

    NZSport.Org offers tools and services aimed at benefiting not for profit sports organisations. If your club is interested in setting up a website or developing your brand or you simply need help with fund raising Click Here

  • Great Suppliers

    Our suppliers believe in our mission that's why they give us great deals because they too want to help grow and develop communties.

    Cost Effective

    We run most of our services from home and on the internet. This reduces our overheads which allows us to give you great deals and also helps us raise money for not-for profit organisations in the process.

  • Simple

    For everyday users an easy to use online store.
    For not for profit organisations lots of options to benefit your organisation and to help you raise funds.

    Learn more about our service.